Ancient Wisdom, New Ways

Stoic tools for a journey of self-discovery and development.

At Wisdom Unlocked, we have personally experienced the power of ancient wisdom when we used it in our own lives to forge new positive ways of thinking, behaving and being. Stoicism is our philosophy of choice because the ancient Stoics taught that happiness does not depend on eliminating life’s perils and potholes. Instead, it involves finding meaning and taking positive action regardless of our circumstances and how we feel about them. We have found that happiness ensued when we realized that we were responsible for living our life in a way that made it worthwhile. Everyone’s journey starts with the decision to become the best version of themselves, by striving for an excellent character — one that can effectively create a world worth living in — both for ourselves and others.

Ancient Wisdom, New Ways is our 11-week introduction to Stoic philosophy and principles. Participants will work through a specific chapter from the book Being Better: Stoicism for a World Worth Living In, to enhance their understanding of themselves and the world around them. The accompanying handbook The Journey, provides a deep dive into each chapter of the book and offers space for reflection and notation on a range of subjects including: the meaning of excellence, personal freedom and agency in an incarcerated setting, the importance of community, the role of luck, unjust socioeconomic inequality, environmental concerns, illness, disability, and death.

Each session involves a formal talk followed by a discussion during which participants are encouraged to share their discovered insights and ideas in a group setting. The program also provides participants with the tools to apply Stoicism to navigate emotional conflicts within themselves and with others; manage expectations, and aid in their journey of self-discovery.

Upon completion of this course, participants will better understand the power of:

  • Working towards cultivating a good character
  • Journeying towards what the Stoics meant by a “flourishing life”
  • Making appropriate choices
  • Managing emotions rather than being run by them
  • Critically examining ingrained and habitual behaviors
  • Approaching life challenges with a can-do attitude
  • Taking responsibility for thoughts, actions, and attitudes
  • Recognizing and overcoming detrimental self-imposed limits and mistaken beliefs
  • Harnessing thoughts to gain autonomy over and, eventually, mastery of the mind

Bespoke sessions for individuals and groups are available on request. Please contact us to inquire about how our program might benefit you and/or your organization.

Photo credit: Darran Shen